Billie Eeilish

About Billie Eeilish

Billie Eilish is a American singer songwriter ,born in Los Angeles 2001,growing up in an actor/music family. First single ,”ocean Eyes” was released in 2015 written by her brother who wrote the song originally for the band The Slightlys but finally  gave the song to his sister. Her music style is best be described as electro- indie pop and alternative pop. Don’t Smile at Me, her debut EP reached the top 15 in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Her debut studio album, “When We Fall A sleep, Where Do We Go”, became a top Billboard hit and was best performing album of 2019,also reached number 1 in the united kingdom. Billie Eilish is the youngest woman to win five Grammy Awards, two American music awards, two Guinness world records and three MTV video Music Awards! Not bad for someone with Tourette syndrome and synesthesia.