Guns N Roses

About Guns N Roses

Guns N” Roses ,formed in 1985 in Los Angeles USA, their music is a fusion of Punk Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Hair Metal. Their debut album ,”Appetite for Destruction” in 1987 reached number one in the Billboard 200 within a year, bringing Top Ten singles as ‘Welcome to the Jungle” ‘Paradise City” and “Sweet Child o” mine”. Selling more than 30 million copies worldwide making it one of the best debut albums ever. Guns and Roses has been credited for  making power ballads in heavy metal popular again, being also influencers for bands as  ‘Fall out Boy”, “Avenged Seven Fold “,”Bullet for my Valentine” “The Strokes”, Sum 41” and many more. Altogether the band sold more than 100 million copies and was inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame April 2014.